Saturday, December 20, 2014

Eyeball Closeups

Let's talk about FaceTime.  It's kind of a miracle, you know.  It's some real George Jetson stuff and I'm incredibly thankful that those avocado green phones that attached to your wall and sported a
9, 374 foot cord morphed into this wondrous thing that allows us to stay connected to our family so far away.  I'm not just saying this because Verizon Wireless pays for all the peanut butter in this house, either.  I really like eyeball closeups.

Mass Hysteria's


Aunt Lorrie's

Meet the family.  We have Nana and PaDaddy and UJ and Aunt Lorrie.  They are a special, special bunch.  Some are weirder than others......Dad.

Why, just today, Mass Hysteria, Pandemonium, Chaos, and I were traipsing through the frozen waffle section of Meijer when Dad first attempted to FaceTime.  I shouted, "We're buying waffles; let me call you back!".  He shouted, "OK!" then proceeded to pocket dial me 6 times.  I never claimed he was good with technology (they still have that avocado green phone in perfect working order in their basement).

So, before I tell you that he FaceTimed us so that he and the kids could snoop under a Christmas tree 7 hours away from our current location, let me tell you that my Dad loves to snoop under Christmas trees.  He likes to shake packages (maybe not a desired quality in his chosen profession as Freight Delivery Specialist - I just made that title up, by the way); he likes to guess the contents of packages; he likes to write strange paragraphs on packages (a highly interesting one involving three little kittens losing their mittens and Nancy Kerrigan comes to mind).   Today, he decided to do all those things with his grandkids through FaceTime and then sweetened the pot for Mass Hysteria by showing him the country ham awaiting him in the fridge(Ohio doesn't have country ham; poor, sad Ohio).  They have an interesting relationship.

 Also, I've spoken to my brother, Josh (the kids call himUJ - Uncle Josh) twice today, first about the breakfast casserole making procedure, second about the result of the afore-mentioned breakfast casserole making procedure.  I mentioned in passing that I'd just FaceTimed Dad and we decided to give it a go!  The experiment was a success - I saw my lovely sister-in-law and their first Christmas tree, tonight's supper on the stove, a couple of cats, and the way they've set up their house since the wedding. Though , if we're being completely honest, Josh talks with his face really close to the tiny camera hole on the iPad and when he takes you outside to see the Christmas lights, you're going to have flashbacks of the Blair Witch Project.  I mentioned that to him and he and Mass Hysteria began Blair Witch impersonations (I am so scared!  I don't know what's out there.  We're going to die here.  I am so scared! Blair Witch Project, Act 2 Scene 6).  They have an interesting relationship.

Thank You, God, that You gave me this weird, wonderful family.  Thank You that they love our kids and are amazing Christian role models for them.  Thank You for FaceTime to enjoy them on random Saturdays and thank You for eyeball closeups.

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  1. Funny you mentioned "the Blair Witch Project". I remember the first time I came to your "new" house, to pick up "Josh O". Out of the dark came this white dog with weird eyes, "Dan the Man" said: "Oh God - Kugo"; as it attacked on his side of the car. (Not the drywall eating dog the one before that. "Man" the stories you remind me of! You seriously need to write a book! I was always saying: "Don't break Josh", so one time you broke your finger (when you were with DD & TD)!
    Dangerous combination! <3