Thursday, December 11, 2014

So, it all started like this...

11 on 11

My friend, Jen, at and my friend, Malia, at have encouraged me to join them in celebrating the everyday beauty in life by doing a 10 on 10 blog post.  Only this has been a week full of twists and turns and I'm a day late and a dollar short, as they say, whoever they are.

Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, but as I was taking photos today, I realized just how thankful I am.

Thankful for my sweet husband, Mass Hysteria, who joins me in thinking things like this are HILARIOUS.

Thankful that I can safely wash dishes with the protection of this ring of wrestling athletes.

Thankful my kitchen is full of papier-mâché turtles and headphones that let me listen to my sick beats.

Thankful for sweet gifts from my brother and sister-in-law and that the Lord has infinite mercy.

Thankful for our 9th consecutive year of sweet Pandemonium birthdays and that the elves decorated the tree to celebrate her.

Thankful that the elves are heading back to help Santa with the big Christmas rush tomorrow.

Thankful for red, fuzzy blankets to keep Pandemonium warm when she's sick and that God has blessed Mass Hysteria with a career that allows me to stay home and cuddle said sick babies.

Thankful for the medicine and caffeine that are keeping Pandemonium and me running today.

Thankful for the sillies!  

Thankful to God for my amazing, wonderful life!

*** That was 11, wasn't it?

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