Thursday, January 29, 2015

Her name is Anabell

Her name is Anabell and she is amazing.

She is everything I strive to be in a wife, in a mother, in a grandmother and great-grandmother, in a sister, in a friend, in a woman.

She is quiet strength and warm hugs.  She is a good and faithful servant of God and a solid place to land.  She loves and cared for my Papaw all the days of his life and she gave me my Mama, who gave me the WORLD.

She washes your hair so squeaky clean that it "talks to you" for Sunday School, feeds you raw turnips when you're catching junebugs in the summer, and makes you a bowl of Rice Krispies before bed when you spend the night.

She laughs so hard sometimes that no sound comes out.

She plays the part of Hulk in my son's Avenger games and plays jewelry dress-up with my daughter.

She makes an excellent human shield in paper-wad fights.

She is beauty, charm, strength, and grace.  She is the glue.

Her name is Anabell and she is amazing.

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